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Sayurbox: Panen Sayuran dan Buah Organik Terbaik Ke Rumah Anda

Sayurbox: Panen Sayuran dan Buah Organik Terbaik Ke Rumah Anda
What is SayurBox?
SayurBox provides a platform for customers to order produce straight from the farmers. We source and deliver the produce within 24 hours from partner farmers straight to the convenience of your doorstep.
Sayurbox: Panen Sayuran dan Buah Organik Terbaik Ke Rumah Anda

We want people to be getting good-quality organic, hydroponic, pesticide-free, and chemical-free produce directly from the farmers who grow them; thus we’re bringing the concept of farm-to- table. Our produces are sourced directly from local farmers with the fair price for their work and the love they put in growing your food.
We believe that by cutting the long and complex supply chain of fresh produce in, we can help local farmers in Indonesia to get better income for their hard work and help consumers to get better quality produce at more reasonable price.
Learn more about our farm-to- table concept here.
When and where does SayurBox deliver?
We harvest and deliver the produce from our partner farmers four times a week, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. We currently deliver our produce to DKI Jakarta and South Tangerang areas.
For inquiries related to deliveries to other areas, please contact our team through LINE at @sayurbox (with @)
How to order SayurBox?
Simply head to our website at and click `Start Shopping` to view the selection of our fresh produce. Simply click-to-harvest on the produce you want and adjust the quantity. When you’re done with your selection, click `Checkout` and select the delivery date that suits you. After that, fill-in your contact and delivery address details, and submit your order.
How to pay for my order?
We currently accept payments through manual bank transfer, virtual account bank transfer, and credit card.
Manual Bank Transfer
  1. After checkout, select BCA Bank Transfer option and clik ‘Pay’
  2. Once you have submitted your order, you will receive an order confirmation email from Sayurbox containing the information about your order along with the total amount to pay.
  3. Transfer the total transaction amount to SayurBox BCA account with the following details:
    • Account name: PT KREASI NOSTRA MANDIRI
    • Account no: 006-919-7771
  4. Once you have transferred the payment, please make payment confirmation through our Payment Confirmation page or by clicking the payment confirmation link in your order confirmation email.
  5. After your payment is verified and confirmed by SayurBox team, you will receive an email confirmation.
  6. It’s done! You can now sit back and relax; we’ll deliver your lovely produce on the harvest day you have selected!
Virtual Account Bank Transfer (through ATM or Internet Banking)
  1. After checkout, select the option ATM/Bank Transfer via Virtual Account Mandiri or ATM/Bank Transfer via Virtual Account Permata, then click ‘Pay’
  2. You will be directed to a secure payment page handled by Midtrans
  3. The order and the total price will be displayed on the page for your review
  4. Click ‘Continue’
  5. The payment instruction will be displayed on the page
  6. Click ‘See Account Number’
  7. The virtual account number will be displayed on the page for your reference
  8. Complete payment for your order by transferring to the virtual account number through ATM or Internet Banking
  9. Upon successful transfer to virtual account, your order will automatically be confirmed and you don’t need to make payment confirmation through website
Credit Card
  1. After checkout, select the option Credit Card then click ‘Pay’
  2. You will be directed to a secure payment page handled by Midtrans
  3. The order and the total price will be displayed on the page for your review
  4. Click ‘Continue’
  5. Input your credit card details into the payment page
  6. Click ‘Confirm Payment’
  7. Upon successful credit card payment, your order will automatically be confirmed and you don’t need to make payment confirmation through website
I have a voucher code. How to redeem it?
All you need to do is head to our Shop page and select the produce you want to harvest. Once you’re done, follow the steps to the Checkout page and input your voucher code to the box marked ‘Voucher Code’. Just make sure your discount is deducted from the transaction amount then you can continue to fill-in your delivery details and submit your order. Please note that you can only use one voucher code per order.
Sayurbox’s default refund is in the form of shopping voucher that you can use for your next purchase at For monetary refund, Sayurbox team will be in touch with you on case-by-case basis to resolve the issue and arrange the refund according to the payment method you have chosen for the order.
I have a SayurBox gift card. How to use it?
You can use your SayurBox gift card to make purchase on our website Simply input the unique code on your gift card to the box marked ‘Voucher Card’ on checkout page. Your total transaction value will be deducted by the amount stated on your gift card. Please note that if your total transaction value is less than the value of your gift card, no change or nominal refund will be given.
Is there a minimum order value?
We don’t have minimum order value, but if your order value is Rp 150,000 and above, you will get free delivery charge.
Otherwise, for orders below Rp 150,000 we charge a flat delivery fee of Rp 20,000 to all areas in DKI Jakarta and South Tangerang.
Please note that to qualify for free delivery, the total order after any discount or promo code applied must reach Rp 150.000 or above
I select items on Shopping Page and the total price of the items is Rp 130.000. Upon checkout, I apply a discount voucher code value of Rp 25.000, so the final price is Rp 105.000. Will I get free delivery for this order
In this case, your order is not qualified for free delivery as the final price after discount has not reach the minimum value of Rp 150.000. Therefore, for this order, the delivery fee of Rp 20.000 will apply.
When is the order and payment deadline?
We have order and payment deadline which is two days prior to your selected delivery day as follow:
  • For Monday delivery, order and payment deadline is on Saturday by 4pm
  • For Wednesday delivery, order and payment deadline is on Monday by 4pm
  • For Friday delivery, order and payment deadline is on Wednesday by 4pm
  • For Saturday delivery, order and payment deadline is on Thursday by 4pm
Soon after these deadlines, we inform our farmers about the produce to harvest according to your exact orders, so that they can start preparing for harvest – and no lovely produce is wasted.
I have submitted my order and I want to change the delivery address. Is it possible?
We apologize that currently our system does not allow any delivery address changes after an order has been submitted.
What if the produce I ordered is not available on the delivery day?
We really hope that this doesn’t happen, but if the produce you ordered is not harvested due to circumstances beyond our control or they are not up to our standard, we offer you two options:
  • Swap with higher value produce of our choice
    We will swap the unavailable produce with other produce of our choice with higher value. We will notify you via e-mail about the unavailable produce in your order (if any) after we deliver your order.
  • Refund voucher
    We will provide you a voucher code containing the total value of the unavailable produce in your order. We will send this voucher code via email after we deliver your order and you can use the voucher code to deduct the value of next purchase on>
You can choose one of the two options on checkout page before submitting your order.
Who are SayurBox partner farmers?
We believe that you should know where your food comes from; therefore we provide the information about the farmer communities who work hard and put their love for growing each of your produce. Here at SayurBox, we’re working hard to expand this network of communities, one farmer at a time, to help them
Our current farmer communities are including:
  • Blueboots Farm
  • Kebun Brokolele Pak Risjan
  • Kebun Mbah Tani
  • Manan Organic Farm
  • Sahabat Lingkungan
  • Kebun Misto
  • Masada Organik
  • Hydronesia
  • Kebun Pare Belut Auntie Julie
  • SEED Farm
  • Kebun Mitra Tani
  • TS Farm
  • Genus Organic
  • Pangkalan Mekar
Head to Our Farmers page to get know each of your farmers better.
How can I contact SayurBox?
We’d love to hear your thoughts! If you have questions or anything that you want to tell us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and we’ll do anything to help you.
E-mail :
WhatsApp: 0819-1954- 5454

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